PAINT IT BLACK (Beneath the Stain #2) by AMY LANE

5 emotional and unforgettable stars!

"You gonna let me in?"
"All the way in? Into your heart?"

You can't imagine how thrilled we were to hear Amy Lane had written Blake and Cheever's story. We were excited and maybe a little worried, from an emotional perspective, to return to the rock star household, and thrilled to be spending more time with this family.

Amy Lane once again delivered a painful and difficult story driven by raw emotion and a beautiful love story at its heart. This is a tender and sincere account of two men each warring with their demons and whose hearts cried out for the other. There were times we found ourselves grinning from the witty banter, and times we felt our hearts crash and soar, and moments that reduced us to tears. 

Nothing in Blake and Cheevers story is superfluous; every page gave us much insight into Blake, Cheever and the Sanders clan. Every tender, heartbreaking, sweet, funny and moving moment was savoured then locked away, into our hearts for safekeeping.

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PAINT IT BLACK (Beneath the Stain #2) by AMY LANE