THE FALLEN: GENESIS (Deadly Virtues #0.5) by TILLIE COLE

5 stars!

"Please, Jesus, please save him. Redeem him, forgive his sins. Forgive me mine. I just need him to be okay. He is all I have left."

Tillie Cole has done it again! What an incredibly multilayered storyteller this lady is. Her talent never fails to astonish us. This series promises to deliver everything and more, so dust off the bookshelves because a new dark series is about to take up residence in your hearts, minds, and souls!

The characters in The Fallen shocked us, saddened us, broke us and made us so utterly desperate to hear each of their stories. This is no easy read. When Tillie Cole warned readers this series was VERY dark, she wasn't exaggerating. There were times we had to stop and regroup before we could continue. Some aspects of this story are confronting, uncomfortable and harrowing, and will have you questioning exactly what is good and what is the evil.

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THE FALLEN: GENESIS (Deadly Virtues #0.5) by TILLIE COLE