STORM and FURY (The Harbinger Series Book #1) by JENNIFER L ARMENTROUT

“You want to see the stars?” Zayne asked...
”Then hold on tight, Trin. I’m going to get us as close as we can.”

Storm and Fury is a YA paranormal with eighteen-year-old heroine, Trinity Marrow who has lived a very sheltered life in a compound guarded by Wardens, hiding an ability which only she possesses and keeping a low profile because of who and what she is. A secret weapon waiting to be unleashed on the world joining the fight against demons, Trinity is a force to be reckoned with. Suffering from a progressive eyesight disorder she trains for a darker future, knowing what’s coming and realising that every single demon will hunt her upon discovery.

Storm and Fury is everything we love about the YA paranormal genre. It had the supernatural wonder of gargoyles, demons, angels, and ghosts. Kick-arse action and a slow burn romance. We were compelled by the fantasy and intrigued by the mystery whilst we laughed at the brilliantly placed humorous banter.

If you’re a fan of the Mortal Instruments series you’ll love this one! Get ready for Gargoyle shifters, Witches, Demons in various guises, Fallen Angels and everything that exists in between….By the way…who knew Gargoyles were so H.O.T!!!!! We are counting the days for more….

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STORM and FURY (The Harbinger Series Book #1) by JENNIFER L ARMENTROUT