A HEART OF BLOOD AND ASHES ( Gathering of Dragons #1) by MILLA VANE

5 magically spellbinding stars!

'She had promised to make his life a misery. He still believed she would. But in that moment, he'd realized his life would also be a greater misery if Yvenne wasn't in it.'

Epic! Positively EPIC! A Heart of Blood and Ashes is, without doubt, one of our favourite fantasy romance stories ever. Embarking on this adventure of vengeance, lust, passion, loyalty and love we became instantly swept up in Milla Vane's fantasy dark romance! We met a brave and battle hardened warrior and a heroine with the heart of a warrior-queen who both consumed us in a rich, seductive, passionate and vivid world so expertly woven together with masterful storytelling! What an adventure! Netflix…take note…you NEED to bring this book to our screens!

We can't say enough about the stellar writing of Milla Vane. Vibrant and imaginative, haunting, brutal, passionate, menacing and exquisitely vivid, her words burst before our eyes! It was magnificent! The romance aspect was everything we could have hoped for. Absolutely stunning and compelling reading. And the end….spellbinding perfection!

We closed this story with eyes brimming with tears, hearts full of adventure, reflecting on a story that rendered us willing captives. Bravo! There is no cliffy ending, however we'll be beside ourselves waiting for the next book in the series, A Touch of Stone and Snow, to release in July!

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A HEART OF BLOOD AND ASHES ( Gathering of Dragons #1) by MILLA VANE