5 - 'One of our FAVOURITE READS THIS YEAR' - Stars!! How do we move on from this book? Be sure to 1Click this one! What a read!

“Feel it?”
“What, Liv?”
“Wanting something so much it hurts.”

Jewel E. Ann wrote one of our favourite series in Jack and Jill, so we cannot tell you how excited we were to read this standalone spin-off, which features Jackson’s daughter, Livy.  This Author is a magnificent writer and this series is perfect proof of that. Jewel E. Ann manages to thread angst, heat, love and suspense into one hell of a fantastic story that has that underlying fierceness and sarcasm we love so much. Jack and Jill was an epic love story with Out of Love being the icing on top of an extremely emotionally layered cake of outstanding tastiness. We were gripped completely and emotionally invested from the first page 'till the last. Shedding so many tears, needing copious freezer time, and laughing out loud.

We wanted -no needed- this story to never end. Never. We finished Out of Love and wanted to start from the beginning again. We fell in love, deep deep love with Livy and with Wylder. Their story is compelling, dark, funny, sweet, hot! and so addictive. We felt like we were coming home amongst friends with Jackson and Jessica, needing more, wanting to catch up and spend time with them. We could never be done with this series. We love when our emotions are pulled through the wringer, we love when we have no idea where a story is going, we love uncovering a character; layer by layer. And we love when we laugh out loud and cry big fat ugly tears in the same breath.

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