5 'I'm absolutely in love with this book' Stars!

"You're such a damned romantic. Sometimes when I see you looking at me, I have the feeling you're not seeing me at all. Instead, you're seeing the way you want me to be."

One of my reading pleasures is revisiting SEP's stories I've read and loved. Imagine when I discovered one I hadn't read before! It was like winning the book lottery. Seriously, these books are like a nice warm hug, they're like coming home and I loved this book so, so much! I loved Daisy, Alex, the circus setting and the circus animals…oh little Tater completely stole my heart!

If you haven't yet experienced the incredible work of Susan Elizabeth Phillips, you really are missing out. I could sit and read an SEP book every day. They're emotional, passionate, sweet, humorous, swoony - well, everything you could want in a romance book! Another winner from one of my all-time fave authors.

SEP has a knack of writing a really good hero. One who makes us work for his affection, for his love, they're as tough as they are soft, as prickly as they are loving…once you scratch beneath the surface, that is. And Alex Markov struck quite the wounded hero who was certainly a bit of an arse, but to see him crack….oh just take my heart and shred it right now!

Daisy Devreaux, what a doll! Sure she could be a bit whimsical, and she had the tendency to lead with her heart - but scatty Daisy was an absolute sweetheart. There was a time I was reading with choked up emotion clutching my heart because Daisy’s hurt was so palpable and I felt it.....I mean I really felt it. So absorbed was I in the moment I didn't even realise the tears were streaming down my cheeks. 

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