THE ASSIST (Smart Jocks Series #1) by REBECCA JENSHAK

"You're like the best of both worlds - hot jock meets hot nerd."
"All I just heard was you calling me hot."

If first impressions are anything to go by, Rebecca Jenshak's introduction to everyone at Valley U was a winner! We were left hungry for more and had to jump straight into The Fadeaway, the next book in Smart Jocks series the minute we finished The Assist, and we are loving that book so far!!!

If you're looking for something a little different in the sports romance college trope, then read The Assist. It was refreshing to see the stereotypical college jock scenario flipped on its head by introducing us to Wes Reynolds, the broody basketballer gifted with a photographic memory and who is anything but a 'dumb jock'. In fact, not only is Wes seriously good looking, sexy and loyal to a fault, he's intelligent to boot, though, on first impressions, he did seem rather menacing!

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THE ASSIST (Smart Jocks Series #1) by REBECCA JENSHAK