BEARD WITH ME (Winston Brothers #5.5) by PENNY REID

5 emotional and heartbreaking stars!

‘It felt so good. It felt more than good. It felt like the beginning of something terrible and beautiful and dangerous and wonderful.’

This was the story we always wanted but were in no way prepared for. We were rendered speechless breathed in with every word. Although acutely painful, it still maintained the warmth and wit synonymous with Penny Reid’s stories. The Winston’s with their quirks and quick tempers exude the family loyalty and love that continually steals a little more of our hearts with each book.  

This agonisingly heartbreaking story harboured a pain that spanned nearly twenty years and was a difficult story to read. We can only surmise the pain the author went through bringing this story to life, and we applaud her for telling it in all its raw, gritty, ugly and beautiful glory. Billy Winston – this boy – he made us believe that not all hero’s wear capes. He was written to perfection.

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BEARD WITH ME (Winston Brothers #5.5) by PENNY REID