5 Stars! You HAVE to read this book! A 2019 favourite, and up there as of our favourite Rockstar Reads of all time!

“Nothing tells you what a girl really wants to say like the song she’s begging you to listen to.”
“Don’t forget what this journey is about: the music, Presley. Always the music.”

Cherry Beats is THE rock star romance we have been searching for to satisfy our need for the real world of rock music, the raw emotions, the feeling of being in a packed stadium audience reverently banging our heads and belting out much-loved rock songs…out of tune of course. Cherry Beats is everything and Vicki James nailed it. The rock scene isn’t pretty, it isn’t all fun and fluff. Its highs can be equally matched with its low’s. It can be as dark as it can be bathed in a spotlight of adoration. It’s as filled with as much angst and self-doubt as it is filled with overwhelming joy and self-satisfaction.

In our opinion, the balance to get a rock star romance spot on is like walking a tightrope, this Author danced all over that tightrope and made it her bitch. She gave us everything and more. In Cherry Beats, Vicki James wrote one of our favourite rock star romances, one which will go on the list of never forget. The writing was outstanding and we must have highlighted half the book, as our hearts were pulled back and forth by truths, analogies, heartbreak, love, self-searching and the utter despair and exhilaration of achieving childhood dreams. And of course -the music- always the music.

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