RAPHAEL (Deadly Virtues #1) by TILLIE COLE

NOW LIVE! - 5 disturbing and compelling stars!!!

‘Now, they were all as dark as midnight, not a single star illuminating their godless worlds.’

Tillie Cole warned us this series was going to be dark….dark has nothing on this series. Where The Fallen was indeed heartbreakingly dark and disturbing, Raphael raised the stakes in its horrific black abyss of psychological terror and physical violence. We knew from the prequel that this book was going to break us -and it did- to the point where we at times had to stop reading, play a meditation video on YouTube and pop an anxiety pill in order to continue. 

This is a classic example of books we almost reluctantly love and it all comes down to the quality of writing, the haunting and eerie atmosphere and the incredible emotions it elicits. Our hearts are already broken but we will be first in line for the next instalment in this journey.

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RAPHAEL (Deadly Virtues #1) by TILLIE COLE